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Going BIG on Roulette!!!

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  • 5.18 the ball get's some extra momentum out of nowhere. This is exactly the reason i stopped playing roulette online. Never ever have i seen such a thing in real life.

  • You won 5k how can it be rigged leave ,people think you can keep winning all the time

  • Hey lad at least you show your loses, proves that you can't win all tonight, much respect.

  • Fuck everyone giving shit, to do spins like that it takes it takes some big fuck off massive balls. I respect that

  • True to yourself lad still uploaded top man in my eyes mate u make choices and stick to them good on ya

  • Unlucky there mate another day and that could have been nice

  • Loses £5775 in a few mins, there's me trying to survive on £250 for the rest of the month? only enjoy the streams/videos when you win when you lose I wish you'd just given the money to me lol

  • You must be loaded to waste money like that learn to cash out lol

  • Worth a shot, was expecting a massive win there. Just a shame the luck ran out so quick. Better luck next time boss

  • Unlucky mate,takes some balls to do those mad bets,catch you later if your streaming

  • what I think you have to remember is that, his situation is not yours, the money isn't going to change anything, he loves to gamble thats the whole point, he withdrew basically 15k the other night, the only way he got there is by risking money like this, he's got up to 34k on roulette by risking money like this, the only reason you hate is because you think about what it means to you and what you'd do with it but the guy donates mass amounts to charity and gives us all great content the only person who does this for us and shows his losses.

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